Wide Angle Wet Lens


CamDive® Wide angle correctional dome port lens (wet) 67mm

This device was created to correct the view angle underwater. Majority of housings have flat port glass, so when you are underwater the camera view is reduced by 30%. In order to restore that to original view angle, you would need to attach this device. Attachment must be done underwater, since the space between front of the housing and back of lens must filled with water.

Suggested retail price: 195 USD

Most common mistakes people do when purchasing this item.

1.      Thinking it is a fisheye lens – It is not, real fisheye lens will cost you about 500+ USD

2.      Using inbuilt flash while using correctional lens – Under no circumstances you are allowed to do that. The flash is located on the same level as the lens, meaning it will create a “Halo” effect. So when using this correctional lens, only use external source of light/strobe.

3.      Thinking it will fit any underwater housing – Wrong! Only underwater housings that have 67mm thread.

4.      Thinking it will work on the surface – That is not possible, this is strictly underwater lens.


  • Maximum Depth is 60m/195ft
  • Diameter - 120mm
  • Height - 70mm

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