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As a company that sells Underwater Housing/Cases, we know our products first hand.
We have tested every single one of them and have large knowledge about it in order to provide our customers with as much information as possible.
CamDive® is the official supplier of products worldwide.
The actual manufacturer of underwater camera housings is Shenzhen Kaichengyi Technology CO., LTD

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Our Products

Neoprene cover

Neoprene cover for underwater housing

A lot of you out there have been waiting for this a long time. We know first hand how frustrating it is when you preparing your gear and you have nothing to transport your housing in. Many times we have used cardboard boxes or simply a towel to transport a housing while going to another country, dive site or home. The headaches of accidentally bumping the housing are gone now.


Sony RX100 IV

Underwater housing for RX100 IV

Take a look on nice waterproof camera housing for Sony RX100 IV.


Sony A7

Underwater housing for Sony A7

Take a look on nice waterproof camera housing for Sony A7.


Sony A6000

Underwater housing for Sony A6000

Take a look on nice waterproof camera housing for Sony A6000.



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